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Lehighton & Carbon County Bankruptcy Attorney / Lehighton & Carbon County Small Business Debt Relief Attorney

Lehighton & Carbon County Small Business Debt Relief Attorney

Finding effective solutions for struggling small businesses in Lehigh and Carbon counties

As a small business owner, you wear many hats (maybe all of them!), and you struggle every day to make your business a success. You pour your heart and soul into your company, not to mention all your time, money and energy. Whether you do it because it’s your passion or simply to put food on the table and provide a home and future for your family, success is essential, and failure isn’t an option. If you’re facing an existential threat to your small business, don’t wait to get help. The Leighton Law Office of Adam R. Weaver, Esq. helps small business owners in Lehigh, Schuylkill and Carbon County find effective solutions for business restructuring, reorganization and debt relief. Call our Lehighton & Carbon County small business debt relief attorney today to discuss your options and formulate a strategy for bringing your business back from the brink and on solid ground for the future.

Is Chapter 11 right for me?

Chapter 11 provides a way for a struggling business to reorganize its finances and restructure its operations so it can run on a more profitable footing. Business owners in Chapter 11 renegotiate terms with their lenders, creditors, suppliers and others. Debts may be lowered, or the time required for repayment may be extended. Companies in Chapter 11 continue to operate while the bankruptcy is in process, with the company owner acting as debtor in possession and running the business with oversight from the bankruptcy trustee and creditors.

What other options do I have for small business debt relief?

The fact is that Chapter 11 is simply not an option for many small businesses due to its cost and complexity. Quite frankly, Chapter 11 is more than most small business owners need. There are likely simpler and more cost-effective options to help you find the debt relief you need.

Chapter 13 – Although Chapter 13 is a form of consumer bankruptcy, many small business owners operate as a closely-held family business or as a sole proprietorship. In this situation, there is really no legal corporate identity separate from the owner’s personal identity, so using Chapter 13 to deal with business/personal issues can be appropriate. Use Chapter 13 to bring your creditors to the table and restructure your business so it will be more profitable and you can meet your financial obligations.

Mortgage and Creditor Issues – If trouble meeting your mortgage or dealing with creditors are your chief concern, we can often address these problems outside of bankruptcy. We can help you avoid foreclosure and judgment liens, negotiate a debt settlement or stop creditor harassment. We’ll solve the problems that are affecting your ability to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Chapter 7 – When businesses file for Chapter 7, it basically means that the business is closing. Chapter 7 provides an orderly way to wind down operations, liquidate assets, and shutter the business without remaining liable to creditors. If your business is no longer viable, we can advise you on the wisdom of a Chapter 7 proceeding.

Call Lehighton & Carbon County Small Business Debt Relief Attorney Adam R. Weaver Today

The first step in getting help is to bring your concerns to a talented, experienced legal professional who will take the time to understand your situation, advise you appropriately, and take the necessary steps to get you the relief you need. In Lehigh and Carbon counties, call the Law Office of Adam R. Weaver to talk directly with a knowledgeable and experienced Leighton debt relief lawyer.

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