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Lehighton & Carbon County Bankruptcy Attorney / Lehighton & Carbon County Civil Litigation Attorney

Lehighton & Carbon County Civil Litigation Attorney

If you find yourself subject to a civil dispute with another party, do not hesitate to give Lehighton & Carbon County civil litigation attorney Adam Weaver a call for a consultation to explain all the options that may be available to you. Civil litigation covers various and a broad range of different areas of the law, including but are not limited to, collection lawsuits, mortgage foreclosure action, construction contract disputes, landlord-tenant evictions, and breach of contract actions.

Generally speaking, civil litigation may be commenced at the Magistrate level or at the Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania. The Magistrate level Court handles certain initial matters such as landlord-tenant disputes as well as smaller amounts in controversy less than $12,000.00. The Magistrate level is premised on the ability to minimize costs to the disputing parties.

Civil complaints that involve greater monetary disputes are commenced in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. These lawsuits are normally more time intensive. It also permits the parties to engage in discovery, as well as filing motions to have the Judge determine the case before trial. Civil trials may be trial by bench before the Judge only or may also include jury trials.

Contact An Experienced Lehighton & Carbon County Civil Litigation Attorney

Depending on the specific case, civil litigation can become rather complex. Should you find yourself subject to a pending civil litigation or would like to learn you options about commencing a civil lawsuit, do not hesitate to call Attorney Weaver for a consultation today at his Office in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.

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